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construction1SM Creative  understand the rising pressures automotive dealers face to increase sales while margins continue to shrink. Our team of designers and architects has extensive experience in balancing aesthetics that maximize the buying experience with the speed to market required to turn a profit.

We’ve worked with independent dealers to create unique designs, as well as franchisees who must adhere to strict brand guidelines while still providing a memorable buying experience. Either way, we strive to move beyond what’s expected. And our efforts are getting noticed in the industry

We SM Creative integrating strict corporate guidelines and providing the necessary workflow to car showroom design, the main objective is to make the car a superstar. At first glance, car showrooms tend to look alike. Large window displays at the entrance, branding, lighting solutions, reception and lounge areas, supporting facilities for workshops and service centers, handover area and cashier desks are some of the key design elements that we focus.

We ensure the showroom also has a dedicated AMG space and a customer lounge with lifestyle accessories on display. Above all, the showroom provides customers with friendly, unobstructed surroundings to allow for ease of movement and also maximum flexibility in arranging the cars on consumer display.

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